Highland Cathedral for Concert Band

This arrangement of the traditional Scottish tune has been performed numerous times and in numerous venues across Central Scotland. Written for Solo Voice and Bagpipes (solo or pipe band), with full Concert Band accompaniment, it has proven to be a hit with audiences every time – generally bringing a tear to many an eye. The band parts are very playable, and the solo singer can be male, female, young, old, or even a full choir. The Bagpipe melody can be played by a solo piper, a pipe band, and can even include the pipe band drummers, as the Concert band snare drum part is the same as the traditional pipe band drum part.

The Bagpipe part is included, but is written in Concert Pitch. This is included only as a guide for the conductor. Pipe band players will know the tune very well, and the part should only really be used to explain the arrangement (when to start and how to extend the ending etc).

The recording below uses the sounds from Sibelius software, but if you need to see a sample part, please get in touch.